SAA's short term mission is to build solid and prosperous relationships with its business environment
SAA holds a far vision, which is the contribution in the reconstruction and the rehabilitation of the Southern of Asia and Iraq, and the prosperity of Lebanon.
SAA has future plans and visions that may exceed Iraqi Asian boundaries
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Our construction team is a selection of well-experienced staff comprised of engineers, surveyors, foremen, supervisors, master-builders, QA/QC, safety officers, field and backstage logisticians, etc having the objective of raising the company to the highest levels of professionalism in the construction field.


Products and Services:

1- handcrafted full scribed log homes
SAA logs, is the only company in middle east and Africa, that builds handcrafted full scribed log homes. WE handle turn key projects (construction permit, excavation, concrete work, plumbing, electrical, heating and wood work).
SAA logs builds custom made homes to meet any size/ design required by the customer.

2- Exterior decking, gazebos and pergolas
We specialize in outdoor wooden construction using the best wood species(Soft wood and hard wood) and the best water based finish, to ensure the durability of the product.

3- Road construction and repair
SAA executed a large number of road construction/ repair projects in Iraq, under the rehabilitation program initiated by the Iraqi government.

4- Concrete building
Our concrete building track record ranges from one story building to bridge repair projects.

5- Electrical and plumbing
SAA does turn key projects which includes all electrical and plumbing work, indoor and outdoor.