SAA's short term mission is to build solid and prosperous relationships with its business environment
SAA holds a far vision, which is the contribution in the reconstruction and the rehabilitation of the Southern of Asia and Iraq, and the prosperity of Lebanon.
SAA has future plans and visions that may exceed Iraqi Asian boundaries
When Contracting Meets Impeccable Projects in Contracting General Trading

SAA deals with a wide range of well-reputed names in more than one field and has different functions within its logistics section divided into:
General supply , such as construction tools, material and equipment, electro-mechanical material of all spectrums, furniture, computer accessories, electronic devices, vehicles, all kinds of parts, etc


Life Support , mainly waste management services, power generation, paints, water and sewage pumping services, recycling, fuel supply, all kinds of housekeeping and cleaning jobs, life support improvement studies, etc
Lease of all kinds of machinery, equipment and vehicles.

Since life support is an essential element in the construction world and sites, SAA has involved itself in this field since the beginning of its establishment, and these services are the following:

       • Generators sale and maintenance

       • Water services/delivery removal

           • Heavy equipment lease
           SAA owns and leases heavy equipment (forklifts, cranes, front end loaders, backhoe loaders, excavators, etc...

           • Reefers Freezers & ECU Sales & Maintenance